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Hotel Ela

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Staying in the sauna does not only helps you relax, but also it strengthens your immunity.

Staying in the sauna helps not only to relax, but also to strengthen your immunity. People who visit the sauna once a week have a better immune system. The sauna also affects the pleasure centers in the brain, as well as helps to thoroughly cleanse the skin. By sweating, body temperature rises by one to two degrees. This helps the activation of immune cells. Changing the warm air with cold air relaxes the muscles, lowers blood pressure, improves metabolism, circulation and breathing. It especially helps with colds and acute inflammation.

However, doctors recommend avoiding a sauna in people with a weaker heart, low blood pressure or having a heart attack. Light food is recommended before using the sauna, but not on an empty stomach. Dry yourself before sauna usage because the wet skin sweats harder. Stay 8 to 15 minutes, then take a dip in the pool or take a cool shower and get some fresh air. In this way blood vessels are also stiffened, resulting in improved blood circulation. Used reasonably, a sauna can be of great benefit to the body.

At your disposal are a Roman bath and a sauna. For your convenience, please call the reception desk one hour before you would like to use them.