Go to the Black Rock

Black rocks east of Borovets – easy 90-minute route.
Emblematic tourist route to the Black Rock takes visitors through pine forests, past the flower-covered green meadows and picturesque streams.

After the easy route you will find that there are many places to stop for apicnic, while enjoying the wonderful view. If this seems too strenuous,adventurous among you can go there on horseback or by carriage.

The Black Rock is located above the top of the Spring of Maritsa River nearthe resort. The area was declared a natural landmark in 1974.


The Black Rock offers an awesome view of the neighboring slopes of Rila Mountains and the valley of the Maritsa River. The rock has very dark
glory. The story tells the rock was used as an instrument of terror and violenceduring the Ottoman rule. There is evidence that before and after
9th September 1944 on this place was killed dozens of people from theneighboring villages, who disobeyed the government. On the rock there
was a metal cross in memory of the victims, but the plaque is destroyed.The spot is not marked well with plates and can be easily missed.
Not far from the rock there is a path with railings where tourists watch the beautiful scenery.

The route starts from the center of Borovets. Near the lower station of the cabin lift there are wooden signs indicating directions to various landmarks in the area. One of them, with a green ribbon marking, leads to the Black Rock.

With the help of signs in the central part of Borovets, you reach the outskirts of the resort, to a place where horse riding services are offered. The street turns left, but the path to Black Rock continues straight, through a large metal gate, already on a dirt road. The traffic is just right on it in the middle of the forest. The ruins of buildings from the recent past are reached and to their left there is a path which gradually widens again to the size of a road.

It leads to a T-shaped branch, at which it turns right and after thirty meters it starts to a left-turning path. In no more than five minutes, it takes the dirt road from Borovets to the huts “Maritza” and “Zavrachitsa”. To the right and along this path, you reach the turn for the Black Rock. There are wooden tables, benches and a sign board, as well as a blue mark on the site. To the left, along a well-formed path, go down to the rock itself.

The transition from Borovets to the Black Rock takes a little more than an hour of peaceful walking, and the terrain is mostly flat and does not present much difficulty. If you continue along the road after the tables and benches, for a quarter of an hour you will reach a place that offers a nice view of the river valley and the whole Black Rock massif. The return is the opposite.