Ivan Vazov Hut

Mountain huts in Rila

Musala Hut in Rila mountain

Musala hut is reached in two ways: – away from Borovets for about 4.5 hours depending on the people. Lift up Yastrebets for 25 min and then a path Musalenska 40-60 minutes.

Zavrachitsa Hut is located in the Zavrachitsa the left bank of the Maritsa Rights,at an altitude of 2178 m at the bottom of a large glacial valley.      

Maritsa hut in Rila

By Maritsa Chalet Borovets can be reached in two ways: – away from Borovetsabout 4 hours.
Sitnyakovo a lift and then follow the marked trail for 2.5 hours.

More information about the mountain huts in Rila: https://samokov-info.com/tourism/huts/?lang=en