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Hotel Ela, Borovets

Hotel Ela can be the place where you can organize your wedding, anniversary, training, seminar or team building.

The light and space of the restaurant, with its terrace and English meadow, create many opportunities for the preparation of an event. Delicious cuisine and smiling service at ELA Hotel Restaurant will make your holiday an instant of your life that you will be happy to remember. A private event among the beautiful nature of Borovets resort is accessible to everyone.

The restaurant offers a menu that is personally tailored. You can order a DJ services too. Enjoy the irresistible package prices for a restaurant and hotel. Our assistance in organizing and preparing events will facilitate your commitment. The newlyweds receive a compliment – a free night at our hotel and their guests enjoy preferential rates for hotel accommodation.

Еnjoy your time spent in the beautiful nature of Borovets resort

The English meadow between the ELA Hotel and the Century Forest is a romantic venue for a wedding ceremony that is not only modern but beautiful and fresh. The wedding can be performed in the one of a kind temple in Bulgaria – “Transfiguration of the Lord” Borovets. The photos taken at Tsarska Bistritsa bring a breath of aristocracy and are in harmony with nature.

Wooden church Borovets
An external marriage ceremony is the marriage ceremony outside the ritual hall.

The law allows it by stating that it is at the discretion of the official and there must be good reason for doing so. Many couples prefer to marry outside the ritual halls, in a place that creates more emotion for them and their guests, to eliminate the bureaucratic and conveyor feeling of marrying in a ritual home. This saves time, hassle on a busy wedding day, and optimizes the wedding schedule. And you do not need to consider free and busy hours in the ritual hall. Contact the relevant municipal structure for more information.

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