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Dear guests of ELA Restaurant

Hotel Ela offer a spacious and bright restaurant with 90 comfortable seats which provides the best international food in Borovets. Available for buffet or order. Events of various kind can be held and organised here.

The menu includes dishes from local and traditional Bulgarian cuisine, which is both nutritious and delicious. Here you will be able to enjoy specially selected dishes from European cuisine.

We have selected a variety of tastes to suit each of you, whether you love vegetarian food or you are a fan of experiments.

For the preparation of the dishes, we have selected spices that are characteristic of the Rila Mountains, which give the food a unique taste and aroma.

The crystal clear air and mountain water help you “to open” your appetite and senses, and give you an additional pleasure.


Dear guests,

I created this menu with joy and excitement, as we prepare the food with care and contemplation, because I am committed to making you happy.

Cheers!                                                                                                    Main Chef ****