Summer hiking

The best time for summer hiking in the mountains are the months from May to October. In this period the meadows of higher elevations are covered with thick green vegetation. During the spring, summer and autumn Borovets is the starting point for many hiking tours, incl. ascent of Musala. This peak, with its 2925 meters is the highest on the Balkan Peninsula. Available to tourists are mountain guides who will accompany them on a wide variety of routes in the Rila Mountains. Here can be seen the beautiful views of the surroundings. Borovets is serviced by well organized ski lift system. Cabin ski lift to Yastrebets peak is the most impressive – 2363 m above sea-level. Difference in altitude is 1046 m and the length of the route – 4827 m of ski lift capacity is 1200 people per hour. The climbing takes 23 minutes. Once you are off the ski lift, you are facing the paradise of Rila mountain – the highest mountain peaks: Musala, small Musala, Irechek, Denon, Aleko.

Summer hiking Map
Map of Rila Mountain


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Hut in Rila mountain
Summer hiking in rila mountain